Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Chalice for School Oratory

Up till recently I have used a pottery chalice and paten for Mass in the school where I work (that's all we had and there was no cash that I know of to buy another one and none to spare elsewhere either) and I can hear, with that admission, the howls of the lay liturgo-police. I have wanted more precious vessels for a while. Well, the Lord provides. Last weekend I walked into our sacristy, on the way to hear confessions, to find one of our postulants engaged in cleaning out. In the process I gained a simple, modern gilded chalice and paten, some spare corporals, amices etc and a cope. Yes, you read the last bit right, a cope. We already have a splendid cope - enough for our uses so I volunteered to find a home for this one. I attach a pic of the same with a close-up of the embroidered back. It needs a good clean and some small repair to the hem.

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