Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sin, Repentance and Lent

I guess it's easy to fall out of the habit of blogging. But I will try to keep it up. My thoughts are on sin at the moment. I frequently tell people in the confessional that what we call our sins are but the symptoms of a deeper illness - the effects of our fall. At heart each of us is deluded by the illusion that one is the centre of the universe and that everyone else (God included) ought to orbit about oneself and do as one wants, when one wants, as one wants etc. Since we all suffer from this, sin, conflict and suffering inevitably follow. Out of our disordered hearts the passions flow and our 'sins' are the obvious ends of deeper issues. Lent then is a chance to pay attention to ourselves not in the sense of pampering but to notice our truer, deeper motivations. It is these that also need to be brought to the confessional for healing and it is this healing that leads to Lent being called a joyful season. The Lord is zealous for our cleansing, to turn us into not just 'houses of God' but living tabernacless, His Body in the world. In the joyful sorrow of repentance we step towards the Kingdom that is established at Easter.

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