Thursday, April 3, 2014


The Catholic Collegiate Chapel of St. Finn Barr, erected through the generosity of Isabella Honan, for the scholars and students of Munster was opened in 1916.  The first photo is of the sanctuary in 1916 and it's taken from Sir John O'Connell's The Honan Hostel Chapel, Cork (1916).  The second photo was taken by myself and shows the sanctuary as it is today.  

There is no tabernacle!  It had not yet been installed, nor had all the stained glass windows either - given the amount of light coming from the North side (right).  That would mean this was taken before Harry Clarke's windows were installed.  There are no candle sticks, no sanctuary lamp nor a crucifix either.  The altar railings were removed after Vatican II.

The only additions to the present sanctuary are the ambo (in bronze) and the altar (in wood) by Imogen Stuart.  There is also an Eastern Rite painted crucifixion (on wood) a gift from the Romanian Orthodox community that uses the Honan a few times a year.


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