Friday, March 21, 2014


Below are two posters for anyone to print off and use either for their own inspiration or to promote Lent in their family, work, parish etc.  They were made with Microsoft Publisher.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


© Photo: Voice of Russia
This is news worth paying attention to:

A council of the heads of all 15 local Orthodox churches will be held in 2016, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said. "We believe that all issues relating to the preparation of documents and the solution of all procedural, administrative and technical issues will have been resolved in the world by 2016," the patriarch told reporters on Sunday in Istanbul, where he took part in a meeting between the heads and representatives of Orthodox churches devoted to the preparations for the Council.

Patriarch Kirill said all decisions at the Council will be made by a consensus (unanimous voting), not a majority of votes.
Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Hilarion, the head of the synodal department of external church relations, for his part, recalled that the preparations for the Council have been conducted for more than 500 years and the last such council was held in the 8th century.

You can read more here.


The Internet has no lack of advice for Lent.  My own ha'penny's worth?  Keep it simple - whatever you do do it for the love of Christ.  Whatever you give up replace with something better.  If you spend less time on the net or watching TV then spend that time with family or private prayer.  Take up some spiritual reading, the Gospels above all.  If you give up some favourite treat spend the money you save on the poor.  Replace your vices with virtues and do all for love of Christ. 

If you fall go to Confession.  Make it regular part of your spiritual discipline.  Try to find a wise and orthodox priest to confess to and try to go regularly.  Persevere in these simple things and leave the rest to God.


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