Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beannachtaí Lá Féile Phádraig

I could hardly let this great Irish Feast go unmarked. You can read the Confessio of St. Patrick here and the Letter to Coroticus here. I wonder how many Irish people have actually read these letters. Many nations have little or nothing from their patron saint but we have these two powerful testimonies from this man of faith and servant of Christ. His voice still calls to us in response to the invitation of our ancestors "Come back to us, holy youth" and he tells us to remain faithful to the Catholic faith he brought to Ireland and to hand it on. The task is given to every orthodox Catholic Christian to hand on that which Patrick taught our ancestors. The secular society in which we live demands we stay silent and that demonic edict we must resist shouting all the louder for Christ and His Truth. We are in a struggle for the soul of our nation. Will we be the generation that fails to pass on what was passed to us? The icon left is by American iconographer Luke Digman while I have to admit that I don't know the authorship for the one above. Good work, both of them.

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Br. Richard said...

Well stated Br. Tom and happy St. Patricks day to you. We have to recover St. Patrick just like we have to remember that St. Nickolas is not just Santa.


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