Sunday, May 17, 2009


Courtesy of At Home in My Father's House and Hermeneutic of Continuity I have this video of 80 year old Fr. Norman Weslin of Omaha, NE, former army colonel and founder of the Lambs of Christ, being arrested outside Notre Dame University after he and his group attempted to protest the University's honouring of President Obama. I am appalled that anyone should treat an elderly brother-priest like this despite the gentleness of the police. They were praying and singing in defence of Catholic teaching outside a Catholic University and the police arrested them. Who ordered the police to do this? Who pressured the police to arrest an old priest? How can a university retain its Catholic credentials after tolerating this, let alone after inviting the most pro-abortion President the United States has ever seen?

Shame on the police for doing this.

Shame on those who ordered them to do this.

Shame on this University's President Fr. Jenkins for allowing this.

Shame on Fr. Jenkins and his supporters for inviting President Obama.

When one defends the indefensible one quickly ends up defending the abominable.


Brother Charles said...

The title of your post is truly ominous, Brother. May God help us here in the States.

Tom said...

We're not that far behind you, here in Europe, Bro.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this was a most tragic event and seems to be among the worst of the scandal at Notre Dame for a so-called Catholic administration run by priests to allow the arrest, tying up and imprisonment of this humble frail elderly pro-life priest carrying a cross peacefully on campus. It seems much worse
to think that the priests and administration stood around in ivory towers pridefully awarding the honorary doctorate of laws to the most pro- abortion president while this humble pro-life priest was tied and dragged away for proclaiming Catholic doctrine in obedience to the Bishops.

I see from the images that Fr. Weslin barely made it on campus.
They had the policy of telling to leave and arresting anyone with any slightly suggestive pro-life signs, but they should not have done so to this Catholic priest whom should be given the honor
as being emblematic of Christ and the instrument of His real presence in the sacrament. Is it not it a grave sin of sacrilege to treat a priest in this way?


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