Monday, May 18, 2009


I found this over at Divine Ripples and it really is a wake-up call. Coupled with what I have read and watched about Islam I believe we need to face up to our reality. The Western 'post-Christian' world is contracepting and aborting its future away. Our societies are committing slow suicide and with the death of the West the ideal of a free, rational, scientific world will die too. That ideal is built on the marriage of a Judaeo-Christian worldview with that of the rational-scientific Romano-Hellenistic (Greek) one. The future of the human race depends on Europe and the secularists and materialists are leading us down the path to perdition - the blind leading the blind!
This is not the fault of Islam. It is our fault. It is up to us to share our faith and not take it for granted.

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shane said...

This video has been widely debunked


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