Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday: Support your Clergy, Support the Pope.

Greetings on this Holy Thursday - a traditional feastday for us Capuchins as for all Christians. At Home in my Father's House has a link to John Smeaton's appeal for a declaration of support for the Holy Father. A good deed to do on this holy day and what better than to declare our love and support for the successor of Peter? Today we celebrate both the Institution of the Mass and of Holy Orders in its three degrees of Deacon, Priest and Bishop. We begin the celebration of the ultimate revelation of the Father's love and mercy in the Son's self-emptying on the Cross for us and in His Resurrection. How can Life and Love itself die? How can God love so much that He would embrace even death itself for us? Truly God is all Giver, Gift and Giving and there is nothing lacking in His generosity.

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