Saturday, April 18, 2009


I never recorded where I got the above icon of Christ the Divine Mercy. It looks like the work of English Iconographer Aidan Hart. Apologies if offence is given in using work without permission but it's one of the better icons out there. On this Sunday that ends the octave, the eight days that anticipate the fullness and completion of time when our eternity with God will begin, it is fitting that we remember that God is merciful. Merciful not in the sense that He ignores our sins nor in that He creates a legal fiction of innocence for us but merciful in that He loves us so much that He sends the Son to reveal that Mercy to us, to make it real, concrete and effective for us so that it transforms us into Him. In the Son the Father's ever-faithfulness is revealed and made present and He reaches into the depths of our misery, He embraces it, transfigures, transubstantiates it, so that we who are mere passing dust become immortal diamond and are lifted up onto the Father's throne with and in the Son. Divine Mercy isn't just absolution, it's Divinization.


angelus man said...

Are you happy about promoting "divine mercy" devotion? God is all-merciful but there is no such feast day as Divine Mercy Sunday

Tom said...

Actually Pope John Paul made it a feast if I recall. It is certainly listed as one in our ordo. I don't promote the 'devotions' but faith in God the Father's Mercy made visible in Christ. Pace e bene.


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