Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our True Value

The video sort of says it all. I found it at Creative Minority Report so thanks to the guy(s) over there. Unless we start seeing our value as grounded in God the Father's love for us - His unconditional, unqualified love then we, not just the kids, end up measuring ourselves by what we have or how we look, or who we know or whom we control. That way lies unhappiness and insanity. We have to teach the little ones how to find their true value - in the sacrifice of Christ.
Catholic Calendar: day after Epiphany also optional memorias: Raymond of Penyafort (1175/80 - 1275) Catalan Dominican, scholar, pastor, asked St Thomas Aquinas to write that little work of his and Angela of Foligno,(c.1248 – 1309) Third Order Franciscan, penitent, nun and mystic called by some the 'mother of theologians'. The saints teach us our true value and our true purpose. Whether we're a 'good son' like Raymond or a prodigal like Angela the Lord has come running out to meet us with love. He has given us back our inheritance (eternal life), our freedom (to truly love) and our authority (we are co-heirs with Christ) and sacrificed the fatted calf for us (Jesus on the Cross) so that we can join the eternal celebrations of heaven.

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