Friday, January 23, 2009

Irish Capuchin Cartoons

The above image comes from our website (link at upper left) where our webmaster has collected some of the works of Fr. Gerard McCann OFM Cap. I never knew him but I knew his brother Cuthbert. They were printed in the Capuchin Annual. Some are ink drawings in black in white (some colour - very rare) while others are cut-outs. Always they are comments, often whimsical, on Capuchin life and frequently using portraits of actual friars of the time. They're delightful. We had to claim our copyright on them as they were being used all over the place without any acknowledgement. I have actually held a few in my hands and generally they are quite small, often postcard size or a lot less. Look them up!Note the use of the collot if that's how one spells it, the skullcap once worn by friars over the tonsure but now abandoned. I have a few somewhere, handy in winter as an extra layer under a cap.

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