Wednesday, November 9, 2016


It has been a tumultuous US Presidential election campaign.  Perhaps no other has been discussed worldwide and its results dreaded.  I would not have wanted to be a US citizen voting yesterday.  Clinton is so pro-abortion that it is almost a sacrament to her.  She's a hawk likely to draw the US deeper into world conflict but she has experience in governance and she knows the law.  Trump is the face of a brand of American politics that Europeans do not understand.  He has run major enterprises but has no experience of governance.  He has reached out to Catholics, to Pro-lifers, and to minorities (especially the Afro-American community) and seems to have captured the mood and the support of what is still the backbone of US society.  Yet it is not Trump alone who is elected but his team.  Who he is picks to run various parts of the US government and to be his advisers will be key.  One presumes as a successful businessman he knows how to delegate and empower and also how to hold people to account and how to fire them.  This can be said: he is in a strong position.  Congress remains Republican and may be more likely to support him now that he has the top job.  Though I am reminded of a Japanese proverb:

"The man in power is like someone riding on the back of a tiger.  Everyone else looks on with envy and awe but he alone knows the true nature of his predicament."


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Young J said...

Surely will for if he had used popular or votes from worldly perception, he would have bern long forgotten.


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