Friday, August 12, 2016


As of Sunday a week ago I am now back in our friary in Cork city: Holy Trinity Friary.  I am even, thanks to the kindness of the Guardian, back in my old room.  I have managed, by dint of divesting myself of a number of boxes of books, a box of CDs, and a large bag of clothes, to squeeze myself back into my old haunt.  I have to confess though that I did leave a box of diaries a large easel and the San Damiano Crucifix I have now finished (bar varnishing) in Dublin.

This house is much easier for me to get around and the city being all around me means that I actually have an incentive to go out.  In Ards the ground being largely irregular and uneven and miles from anywhere meant I kept indoors.  Unless I needed to get something at which point I would borrow a car and go into Letterkenny, a half hour drive away.  Here I just have to walk around the corner.  It's still difficult and I need both crutches for comfort and speed but I am only a few minutes from Cork Art Supplies (a little Aladdin's Cave of art materials) and about fifteen minutes from Dunnes.  I've managed to get as far as Peter and Paul's (Tescos) but those walks are a once a week adventure.  I pay for them with quite an ache.

The light, of course, is much poorer but I have compensated by installing a string of LEDs above my desk so that I have daylight illumination whenever I want!

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