Sunday, March 27, 2011


What a week of highs and lows. Wednesday our under-19's basketball team won the national final 51-39. They came back 'like kings', as one of our staff put it, full of justifiable pride. Classrooms emptied to welcome them back with cheers and applause.
That was the high.

Friday was the anniversary of Nicole Kelly's death. She was knocked down crossing the road last year. From Thursday afternoon her friends were obviously upset (though, of course, it had been building up unseen). Friday some of them were unable to even sit for long in a class. Nicole is dearly and bitterly missed. At 1.00 pm the family had organized a Mass in the Blanchardstown Oratory. I was unable to go but a huge number of students were. It was as if she had just died. As if it were only the day before. That was the low.

In addition my Dell laptop crashed, black screen no response, nothing. A search on the internet, from a school computer, suggested that the problem was irreversible. Worse the photos of much of the Sixth year from when they were entering were on the laptop in preparation for their graduation. So a double disaster.

The laptop is now in a shop to see what can be recovered. Thanks to the generosity of my guardian I was able to go and buy a new machine. Under advice I have therefore converted to Mac. No more blue screens and crashes I hope! so I guess that's a high to end the week.


RJ said...

It's a good idea to have an external drive. They are not very expensive and you can quickly and easily copy over your files every so often. That way, you don't need 2 computers.

You can also use it to store an image of your computer (everything on it, including the operating system). This allows you to restore the entire system, provided of course that the computer itself can be restarted.

shane said...

Br Tom please tell me you haven't stopped blogging.

Tom said...

No Shane but I have been both very busy and perhaps more than a little distracted. We have our Leaving Cert Graduation tomorrow night and the video montage for the night is my responsibility - my first time as an video editor. So my attention has been elsewhere. I have been thinking of a few topics but nothing has gotten as far as the blog. I will get back to it soon!

Anonymous said...

Aha, Mac sounds better for Ireland people!
By the way, may I ask a question?
When the priest skips saying "and sisters" while praying the penitential rite during the Catholic mass?
It happened to me in several churches in two countries these days. Usually, the priest would say "brothers and sisters," but these days, the priest only say "brothers" even some sisters and women are attending the church. They do have English mass on Sundays so I might be able to ask this question tomorrow, but I was curious why some churches omit saying "and sisters."

Tom said...

Anon. - The actual text presently in use has merely 'brothers' and some (most?) priests add 'and sisters'. Perhaps some clergy are tiring of always having to adapt texts to avoid causing potential annoyance to some.


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