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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (April 6th, 2010) - People from 26 nations have registered more than 7,000 Rosaries for the May 7th - 9th ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event. During the three days of prayer(Friday - Sunday), those participating will pray at least one Rosary for an end to the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn human persons. The prayer event is being coordinated by the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization of Memphis, Tennessee.

"It is great to see people registering who are from Ireland, Vietnam, Latvia, India, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Belgium and many other nations," said Patrick Benedict, President of the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization. "Pro-lifers can meet and even exceed the goal of one million Rosaries, if we choose to do so.

"The Rosary is a powerful spiritual weapon. On May 7th, 8th, and 9th, I hope a huge multitude of people will use this spiritual weapon to pray for the protection of the innocent unborn babies," continued Benedict.

A selection of some of the communications received by the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization about the prayer event reveals the following:

• 300 students and parishioners are to pray the Rosary in the Philippines.

• A youth group in Lithuania will be praying 200 Rosaries.

• Many members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas will be participating.

• In a diocese in Oklahoma, more than one person has made an effort to have the
Rosary prayed in all of the diocesan schools on the Friday, May 7th date.

• Over 100 Rosaries are scheduled to be prayed at a high school in Mississippi,
and 100 Rosaries will be prayed by staff and students at a school in the
Diocese of Pittsburgh.

• Nuns and novitiates from a monastery in Wisconsin will be participants.

"I do not know exactly how these Rosaries will be answered, but I do know this much: 'Prayer does not go unanswered.' We have to have faith, and we have to persevere. To each person who loves the unborn babies and wants to stop this killing, I urge you: Unite your Rosary(or Rosaries) with people throughout the world by participating in the ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event.

"The Culture of Death's war against unborn babies is the deadliest war in the history of mankind. This ongoing massacre is a working definition of 'raw evil.' Unborn babies need us to do what they can not do for themselves; namely, pray the Rosary," concluded Benedict.

A person may go to www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org to register for the May 7th - 9th ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event. The same website has information about ways one may promote this pro-life prayer event. Persons without access to a computer may write to: P.O. Box 41257; Memphis, Tennessee 38174; U.S.A.

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