Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well I suppose one has to start somewhere. God alone knows where this will lead. Since tomorrow is the First Sunday of Advent this is really the Church's New Year's Eve. I should be partying! My new year's resolution is make more time for prayer, especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Get closer to the Lord so you learn how close He already is.


Mark said...

All the best for your new blog.

It has always seemed to me that John Paul II's belief in the need for the Church to "breathe with two lungs" is too often forgotten here in the West where ecumenism generally seems to be understood in terms of ecumenical relations with liberal Protestant groups.

Happily, Pope Benedict seems to have built up excellent relations with the Patriarch of Constantinople and others such as Bishop John Zizioulas, and it would be wonderful if other bishops were now to follow his lead.

Tom said...

Thankyou! My first comment! I hope it does bring blessings especially on the ecumenical front - restoring unity with the Orthodox. We still have a way to go.


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