Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I apologize for the shakiness of the pics but a small digital camera (Kodak Z1285 12mp HD) is not the best camera for photos is the gloom of a cathedral. I was reluctant to use the flash and when I did it bounced off the nearby worshippers so I gained no advantage. I felt like a paparazzi (even worse I was in my habit) but I could not let this experience go by without some mementos. This was my first Extraordinary Form Mass and it was an interesting experience. I will blog about it when I've had a little time to reflect. I think these photos are in order. I don't know who the celebrant was (Cardinal Pell presided) but the MC was Fr. Alcuin Reid and the deacon (?) was one of the German FSSP priests (nice guys). I don't who the other priest was (not much of a reporter am I?) An annonymous commentator over at the New Liturgical Movement has the following info: "The music for the Mass in Cobh Cathedral was supplied by the Dublin Lassus Scholars. They sang Palestrina's Missa Tu Es Petrus with motets by Bruckner, Byrd and Palestrina." The schola sang well.
Hope you like the photos.


Chris Murphy said...

I might be wrong but I think the singers were the Lassus Scholars from Dublin, who also sang at the mass on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The celebrant was Mons. James O Brien . A cloyne priest working with the congregation of Divine worship. The MC was Rev. Dr Alcuin Reid a deacon.


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