Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know the title isn't very nice but this morning has been frustrating. At long last I made up my mind to buy some stuff from Sancta Missa. I know what I want and how much it will cost (including postage and packaging) and I decide that I can probably get the whole thing done in the Post Office. There's a queue. That's to be expected. I get to the hatch. I explain that I want to send money to America. Can't do it - only do Sterling and Euro drafts. Now I could've sent the money as a euro draft but I wasn't sure if that would be accepted. She wasn't very helpful. I know American's say we accept a much lower standard of service here... So I head offf to the bank. It's like Fort Knox. Another queue. I wait and when it's my turn I explain I want to send money to America. No problem but have I an account. I'm a religious so I'm not allowed a private bank account (don't have much to put in one anyway) and I've no credit card (see previous reasons). I don't have an account so I can't PAY them to give me an International Money Order so I can send money to America and pay for the goods I want. I wanted to give these people, these institutions cash and was willing to pay extra for all the inconvenience etc., at NO RISK to themselves or their investors but no, no account no deal. Puff! There goes any good will I might have towards the banking system. I will not now be a customer of theirs. Indeed my reluctance to ever have accounts or dealings with these institutions (I have long believed them to be intrinsically dishonest and wrong) has only increased. Now I must seek other avenues. There, that's my rave.

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