Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EU Threat to Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience

In the midst of the joy of Easter comes this news from LifeSiteNews. Hilary White writes:

BRUSSELS, April 14, 2009 ( - Changes made this month in the EU Anti-Discrimination Directive could force Christian and other religious groups to perform homosexual "marriages" and allow non-believers to receive Communion and other sacraments in their churches.

The directive was adopted by the EU Parliament on April 2nd, by 360 votes in favor and 227 votes against and will apply to all organizations offering a service to the public, including hospitals, charities, businesses and prisons, and churches. With the removal of exemptions for "organizations based on religion and belief," Christian groups, including the Church of England and the Catholic Education Service, have expressed concerns that conscience protections traditionally allowed under UK law will be abolished.

MEPs also altered the directive to ensure that "differences in treatment in access to educational institutions based on religion or belief" will not "represent an infringement of the right to education and does not justify discrimination on any other grounds."

The directive bans discrimination in the offering of goods and services and specifies "sexual orientation" as one of the grounds of outlawed discrimination. Similar legislation passed in Britain under the Tony Blair Labour government result in the closure of several Catholic adoption agencies after the government refused to allow a religious exemption.

In July 2008, the European Commission announced, "The law will prohibit direct and indirect discrimination as well as harassment and victimisation."

Critics have warned, however, that it could result in religious groups facing lawsuits for refusing to perform "marriage" ceremonies for same-sex partners. Christians have also argued that the law could prohibit them from refusing to give Communion or membership to non-Christians. It could also abolish policies in religious schools to give priority in admission to members of their own faith.

A spokesman for the Christian Institute, said, "UK discrimination law is already pretty extreme, as the forced closure of Roman Catholic adoption agencies shows. The Directive would make things even worse by transferring ultimate control of equality law to Brussels, beyond the control of our own Parliament."

Oona Stannard, chief executive of the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales, said that, "It feels as though the European Parliament is antagonistic to faith and fails to see the human rights dimension of faith."

Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, also criticized the directive, saying, "As it stands, this legislation would not only threaten the status of faith schools, hospitals, adoption agencies and the like; it could also force political parties to hire ideological opponents or criminalise single sex institutions."

The Daily Telegraph editorialized on Saturday, "What is being attempted, under the guise of eliminating discrimination, is discrimination against Christians." Under the new concept of European "anti-discrimination" theories, which are contrary to British legal traditions, "legislation has closed Catholic adoption agencies, while a politically correct reign of terror is afflicting our workplaces." Christians face an "increasingly hostile environment" in Britain, said the paper.
Thanks to At Home in My Father's House for this.
We may soon pay with our freedom and our lives for our commitment to Christ as the icon of the Chinese Martyrs of the boxer Rebellion reminds. Martyrdom can come at any time or era. We must prepare by daily dying to ourselves. Our forebears did so and so can we. They too stood up to evil and injustice; But one does not do so lying down. 'For evil to thrive...'


Mark said...

I'm horrified by this, but not in the least bit surprised.

Tom said...

Indeed, we have plenty of warnings that a storm may be on the way. Yet they still want us to vote for Lisbon?

angelus man said...

Wake up lads. You are members of the One World Religion. Vatican Two church is the problem. It is the One World religion.

Catherine said...

I know this is off topic, but I see there is a link to the Word On Fire web site on your page! I have recently been following the development of Father Robert Barron’s Catholicism project, and I greatly encourage other people to support it as well! It’s great work, check it out.


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