Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Comes First? Good Laws or Good Families? Zenit interviews Fr. Rainero Cantalamessa OFM Cap

A number of posts on the web lately have focused on social changes affecting family life (see here for one tragic story). Thanks to Kate over at At Home in My Father's House I can refer you to Fr. Rainero Cantalamessa's (image left) interview with Zenit. Needless to say Fr. Rainero, the Papal preacher, is a Capuchin Franciscan like yours truly, and a very humble man too. It makes some important points but what stands out for me is his argument that we stand viz a viz society as the early Christians did. We cannot depend on the law of the land to defend and shape society we must instead engage with society by our lives and actions above all and challenge the gospel of death with the Gospel of Life. The world needs a real radical alternative to the empty posturings and easy, heartless greed of our modern world. Only when we are a radical engaged alternative will we see society swing away from the abyss. That or we will be persecuted like never before. The Lord Jesus never said it would be easy.

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