Tuesday, October 25, 2016


You may have heard of the Ashers' Bakery court case in Belfast and how they lost.  You can read about it here.  Fr Hunwicke has commented on it here.  He makes the interesting point, which the court seems to have missed or disregarded, that the cake was not refused because the customer was gay but because the bakery objected to the message he requested to be put on it. (Set up? one wonders).  In addition Fr Hunwicke points out that 'Gay' marriage is still illegal in the North.  So someone requests a decoration on a cake that advocates an illegal act and the baker who objects gets fined for not acquiescing?  Have we passed through some barrier into another dimension where logic and reason no longer apply?  With the widespread rejection of the Natural Law (isn't such a rejection already implicityl enshrined in our own Constitution?) what kind of monstrous deformation of our society is coming into existence?  Are we now seeing the ascension of an age of unreason?  Perhaps it has been with us for some time (e.g. Fascism, Communism and all other collectivist ideologies).  Prayer is probably our only reliable weapon.  We need to wrap the world in rosaries.

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