Thursday, September 15, 2016


You may have heard about the recent public sacrilege and scandal that occurred in Athy.    If not you can read about it here and here.  One of the curates has responded to clarify the situation and his accidental involvement:

"Dear Editor, 
I write to clarify my position regarding my appearance on a video taken in Athy church. I was one of the five priests, a curate, con-celebrating Mass in St Michael the Archangel’s Church Athy, last Saturday evening on the 10th September 2016. 
My intentions first and foremost was to celebrate the Eucharist which is the source and summit of our community’s Christian life. This Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was also in appreciation of Fr Tim Hannon’s 50th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination and to mark my own departure from the parishes I have happily served over the past three years. 
I was not present to promote or condone same-sex ‘marriage’ or what appeared to be the apparent triumphant and victorious return of our musical directors which seemed to become the focus of the evening. In my opinion, the Mass was hijacked to support the cause of same-sex ‘marriage’ which is clearly in breach of Catholic Church teachings.

How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?
This breach was displayed openly and in a very public manner from the holy sanctuary. I felt very uncomfortable about this as I had not given my blessing to such a union. I am not been harsh but simply following the teachings of the Church, that we all serve. 
The ladies in question have a very important leadership role in the Church but decided to enter into a civil same-sex marriage which blatantly contradicts and challenges the teachings of their Catholic Church, and the instruction of Pope Francis. To me, this defies belief ? Is it not a contradiction to our faith? How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?"

You can read the rest over at Catholic Voice.

Personally I think the Archbishop will need to take action on this and visible action at that.  This unfortunate priest and his fellow concelebrants (this the celebrant know in advance this was to happen?) were put in an invidious position and the Mass was hijacked to flagrantly flout the Church's clear teaching.  Nothing excuses that.  On top of that, though, it appears that they received Holy Communion.  That is sacrilege.  Have years of bad catechesis left Irish catholics so far divorced from the basics of their faith that even this can happen? It seems that these two ladies were not only involved in the parish choirs but one of them was also an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and no one in the Parochial leadership (here I mean the clergy and in particular the P.P.)  appears to have thought that this latter role was inappropriate.  Homosexuals, even sexually active homosexuals, are welcome in the Church providing they acknowledge their acts as sinful.  We are all sinners seeking mercy.  Being welcome in the Church while seeking to reform is one thing but one is not permitted to receive Holy Communion unless one has confessed one's sins and is genuinely sorry for them.  The  family and human sexuality are now the frontline of the war between truth and falsehood, good and evil.  We have to decide which side we are on.

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