Thursday, June 2, 2016


Some months ago I read this book, the Great Facade, by Ferrara and Woods having previously read Sire's Phoenix from the Ashes. Now while I cannot agree with all that they say and I think that at times, in their indignation, they throw different matters into the same mix, they do make some interesting points. I guess I am no longer a 'conservative' Catholic but a 'traditionalist' one whatever those terms mean.

Unlike Ferrara and Woods, Sire's book is much more historical and touches more on the philosophical-theological issues that have lead to the modern crisis in the Church.  Though not as philosophical as Roman Amerio'c Iota Unum it is still a good read.

All the same I feel I need to reread these books with a pencil in my hand to note those points where I thought matters where not handled correctly.


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