Thursday, February 6, 2014


A few weeks back we were approached here in Cork to facilitate part of Mr. Michael Voris' visit to Ireland. Having discussed the 'ins and outs' we quickly agreed to help but instead, with the agreement of the Capuchin guardian, to host Mr. Voris' talk in the Holy Trinity.  Anyway if you are in Cork on Saturday evening do call in to the Holy Trinity at 7.00 to listen.

Also coming up is the Honan Catholic Society retreat in Ennismore with Fr, John Harris O.P.  that promises to be a worthwhile event and it will help deepen and strengthen the foundations of our new society.  The theme will be 'Living the Catholic faith as a Young Person in Ireland today'.  Each Wednesday we are having a catechetical talk on the Sacraments in Hillside, the Honan owned building on O'Donovan's road across from the Honan.  We usually start at 6.00 pm and have a meal and socializing afterwards.  We had to cancel the talk this week because of the bad weather.  Speaking of which I looked out a window in Holy Trinity and the quay walls were under water!

Ministry here is different to that in the school.  It takes time to establish oneself anywhere but at least there is the Sacramental work and the catechetical talks to look forward too.  While I was assured that offering Mass in the Honan would  be an experience (what experience could make up for leaving Dublin?) I have to say it is a beautiful place to pray both liturgically and privately.  Having adoration there on a Wednesday afternoon and Mass every weekday is a blessing.  There are times though when I drift off into plans to finish it off with Byzantine-style mosaics or even to paint some icons for it - all those blank spaces on the walls and ceiling are just crying out for appropriate art work.  All I need is the cash.

The 'crack' in the chaplaincy is good too.  There is a welcoming atmosphere in the chaplaincy that we both want to preserve but also to promote and share.  the problem is always how to get the message out that we provide a safe, welcoming, faith-friendly place for students and staff and run events that provide an alternative to the alcohol fueled madness available elsewhere.  Tea and coffee are free!

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