Monday, July 2, 2012


As I have just enquired of Fr. Z over at What Does the Prayer Really Say? for advise on library matters I though I might extend that enquiry to my passing readership: Any suggestions for solid orthodox theological textbooks to build up a library. Ours is pretty good but has been neglected. We have a good scripture section, a full set of pre and ante-Nicene fathers, and a very good spirituality section. But there are holes and some stuff is out-dated and some stuff is just plain heretical (Kung, Schillebeekcx, etc).

So any suggestions appreciated!


Susana Beatriz said...

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Anonymous said...

If you can excuse the vested interest here (!) I thought I'd point out two recent Irish published books on theology:

The second one enters the whole debate on the Proofs of God's Existence, making Aquinas etc somewhat more accessible to the ordinary reader, and the first might be worth dipping into for an occasional read of contemporary Catholic texts from all AD centuries, with an Irish focus.


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