Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Apart from the report on developments among the Legionaries of Christ there is news of Turkish and Kurdish Muslim persecution of the Mor Gabriel monastery (Syrian Oriental Orthodox). The Turkish Government, having long refused to let them register their ownership (they've been there since 397) is trying to seize their land. This is another reason why Turkey is not a suitable candidate for admission to the European Union. Things are bad enough as they are.

Please remember them in your prayers and protest to the Turkish Government!


shane said...

The current Patriarch of Constantinople will probably be the last one. Turkey bans foreign citizens from becoming Patriarch. I'm not particularly anti-EU but it definitely should be doing more to ensure religious liberty

Br. Tom Forde OFM Cap said...

I'm sure the Greeks will find a way around that one. The Patriarchate might have to leave Constantinople anyway but not without a fight. The more Turkey is made to feel the pressure on these policies the better.


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