Friday, November 12, 2010


Just checking in.  Unfortunately, due to damage (?) done by the builders we have no internet service in the Friary so I am reduced to whatever access I can get at work or when I visit my parents on Sundays.  That means my blogging has suffered.  In addition I am holding memorial services on a class by class basis.  That's 42 services before the end of November.  Our school oratory is small so these services are intimate and hopefully helpful.  One first year thanked me becuase it had never occurred to her that she will die.  More importantly my hope is to console the grieving, inspire their friends to support them and make everyone that bit more appreciative of their loved ones.  I did notice that as one moves up the years there is less and less of a response to the prayers.  Whether that is from genuine unbelief, peer pressure or just teenage resistance I don't know.  For me it is tiring and after a while boring but we don't do it every year (retreats get in the way).  

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