Thursday, July 8, 2010


With the passing of the Civil Partnership Bill in the Seanad (Irish Senate) there remains only for the President to sign it into law. Perhaps she will take the opportunity to protect the rights of citizens who work for the Government not to have to violate their conscience. As it stands the Government has imposed its own morality on the nation and its servants and denied them the right to decline to co-operate. What next? Is the Government or some other body to use equality legislation to force clergy to solemnize such 'unions'? That no effort was made to include other forms of 'family units' such as siblings living together or friends who decide to share a home reveals that this is an ideologically driven law and a narrow one at that.

It seems to be beyond our Government's powers of comprehension that it can have no legitimate interest in any union that does not, or to be more exact, cannot produce children. The Government needs to support those unions which can produce, nourish and support children because these are the citizens of the future. Supporting unions that can't is wasting valuable funds, time and energy. In addition this is the State legislating in the bedroom, deciding to give 'equality' in the eyes of the law to one type of union that does not serve the State and the Nation in the way that the other, heterosexual, one does. One wonders not only how much financial support has been channeled by homosexual lobby groups towards this end or indeed, whether some of our representatives owe us an explanation of where their true loyalties lie.

After all, this is going to cost the State money at a time when we are nearly bankrupt (or rather we are bankrupt but can't admit it) and yet time and energy are wasted on a law to benefit a tiny minority, as well as to debate banning stag-hunting! It really does appear that the corrupt, the lunatics and the incompetents have been in charge for some time. God help us but we elected them.


Laura Berry said...

How sad!

Anonymous said...

The guys on the picture you present for breathing with both lungs look rather happy together. Why not wake up and see that is not all about producing children, but being in a commited relationship with the one you love, making a home, paying taxes together,(to a country in trouble) and being treated like a normal couple, to name a few. Believe me, it will be better when the law is past. One last thing. How is the church in Ireland doing right now? Think about that before you pass judgement on those who would love to have a legal and healthy life together? Ed & Tim USA and Civil Unioned, Because marriage is not an option at this point.

Anonymous said...

After I sent you my comment I checked your blog site. Interesting you like violent stuff. Aliens, godfather, lots of explosions. band of bothers, (well the last I kind of like) but the rest. AND YOU CALL US QUEER? Plesaes add these to you site so folks can get get both views. If not ask some folks there if they knoww Ed & Tim from the US.

Tom said...

Anonymous - 1. I never use the term 'queer' and I speak as one who has taught openly homosexual students and tried to treat them with the same respect that I extend to heterosexuals. I don't discriminate. But there is the issue of truth. 2. Rational unbiased reflection will bring the conclusion that human sex (at least) is about procreation and binding the parents together to care for their off-spring. There can be parity of esteem in law when there is parity of contribution. 3. This law is unjust because not only does it grant parity and rights to couples that do not bring about new citizens but it fails to acknowledge other 'families' such as siblings who choose to live together.
4. Yes I like violent stuff - I like a lot of stuff that doesn't go on my profile. As for presenting both sides - the only side I want to be on is the truth and the Church has it. She is battered and bruised right now but not down and out.
5. Peter and Paul embracing is an ancient icon that represents the friendship and mutual support between the two most important apostles. It also marks the friendship and mutual support between the Eastern and Western Churches - to suggest anything more by it implies a mind inclined to sexualize everything; not uncommon in our modern world. It is more than possible for persons of the same gender to have very deep friendships that bind them together - not only more than possible - it's normal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Forde,
Thank you defending the truth. Yes how said it is that friendship is only now seen in a sexual sense and also completely divorced from the natural outcome of the marital embrace. I am waiting for the day (and certainly not with baited breath) they suggest we should sleep with both animals and family members. Believe me, give it time and you will see how far the human being can sink without God.

Simon Nestor


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