Thursday, June 3, 2010


As the school year comes to an end and the Summer examinations grind on and with the Leaving Cert. just around the corner I offer this video. This is the first part of four from the slide-show we made for this year's graduation. It gives a small insight into my working environment and the young people I work with. It's a privilege to know them and to have had this time with them. Teachers and those who work with the young have that blessing - they are remembered by thousands. Without their work education would not happen, nor could the country compete, advance and grow. When the Government cuts back it's these young people who lose out.

The song was written by two students, Rudy Douglas and Aoife Davis, back in 2004 for their graduation. The previous year had ended badly and so there was a big effort to do things differently and offer a time that the students would want to cherish and protect. That was the beginning of the 'brunch' and our present grad ceremony. It has never been released but our students are going mad for copies. I think it's a good song and our unofficial school anthem.

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