Sunday, February 28, 2010


Iesu dilectíssime,
qui ex singulári benevoléntia me prae millénis homínibus ad tui sequélam et ad exímiam Sacerdótii dignitátem vocásti, largíre mihi, precor, opem tuam divínam ad offícia mea rite obeúnda.
Oro te, Dómine Iesu, ut resúscites hódie et semper in me grátiam tuam, quae fuit in me per impositiónem mánuum episcopálium. O potentíssime animárum médice, sana me táliter, ne revólvar in vítia, et cuncta peccáta fugiam tibíque usque ad mortem placére possim. Amen

Priest’s prayer
for a Holy life

Dearest Jesus, who of Thy great goodness hast called me to be Thy follower in preference to countless others and hast raised me to the high dignity of Thy priesthood, bestow upon me abundantly, I pray, Thy divine help in fulfilling my duties in a right spirit. I beseech Thee, Lord Jesus, to stir up in me Thy grace both today and always, that grace which is in me by reason of the laying on of hands of the bishop. O mighty Physician of souls, heal me in such wise that I may never be entangled in sinful habits, but that I may renounce them all and be enabled to please Thee even to the day of my death. Amen.

Indulgence of 500 days once a day (S.C. Ind., Aug. 14, 1884; S.P. Ap., June 1933)

Taken from the Raccolta, the offical english language version of the Enchiridion Indulgentiarum (1952).

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