Monday, November 16, 2009


According to David Quinn's blog over at the Irish Catholic retiring Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh has decided to mark his departure with a call
for a debate on celibacy and women priests, for the Church to allow those in second unions to receive the Eucharist, Protestants as well. For good measure, called on the Church to be more welcoming towards homosexuals. You might call it Bishop Walsh's parting shot.

I always thought Bishop was a liberal so now he has come out and identified himself as one. As David Quinn points out this is the kind of approach that has not worked anywhere, for any Church or ecclesial community, ever. It shows how some senior Irish clergy are seriously out of touch with reality and how liberal the Irish clergy have been all along. Once we were poisoned by French Jansenism, since then we have embraced Anglo-American liberalism when will we embrace Catholicism?

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