Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to my school

I figured I had better do something on my work. Although I live in Raheny, Dublin I work in Coolmine Community School, Blanchardstown (look them up on Google Earth). I have a small office (I am not tidy) and a larger Oratory (which name I insist on using despite attempts to use 'sacred space' etc.) It has two halves, the outer 'court of the gentiles' so to speak has our memorial books and banners, a copy of the Bible in Irish on a stand, a copper icon of an angel (Celtic style), a Morroccan couch (donated by the then fiance now wife of staff member Mr Philips), a Phillipino Dream-catcher (with a Creation of the Universe theme) and a batik African scene.
In the 'inner court' or chapel proper there's the original altar with the Tabernacle, candle stand and side table (all from our former oratory and friary in Blanchardstown Village), a chair from a former C of I church in Fermanagh (one of a pair a gift from former principal Sean O Bachain), and two stained glass windows made by Transition Year students (Christian and Muslim) under the guidance of Ms Freeman. There are also three 'icons' (printed) - one of St. Francis (Cimabue), one of the San Damiano Crucifix and the other of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and a statue of St Anthony of Padua. These latter I intend to replace with painted icons when I get them finished. The dreadful 'wagonwheel' candleabra was the designer's idea - I had no idea that was on the cards. Ugly! It's a nice prayerful space - if only I could get the kids to use it in that way.

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Anonymous said...

I rather like this chapel.

So many modern chapels have our Lord bunged in a corner.

Well done for having the tabernacle at the centre!!

God bless



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